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A bicycle will help children get to school

faster, and avoid walking a long journey
of 1-3 hours. One brand new bicycle

costs $100.You can also donate a bicycle! 

100 bicycles for 100 students

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Support our latest initiative to build a small school to equip students with skills for life, that will in turn, enable them to come to school, sustain their living, and build an economically sound community for generations to come.

Donate Widget

An educational kit costs $7
and supplies one student with:


Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 11.08.51 AM.png

  • Erasers

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Colored crayons

  • Book bag

$4000 will provide one school with access to clean drinking water.

Timor Leste-Water_0.jpeg
  • Sharpener

  • Ruler

  • Notebooks

  • Pencil case

Skills 4 Life

Minds Beyond Measure has partnered with Tiwala Kids & Communities to help provide income to local families in the Bicol region, Philippines. The purchase of each product will directly help build strong foundations for the lives of poor children and families by providing educational assistance, strengthening family relations, augmenting family income, and empowering communities


Take a Journey with Junrey

Your contribution helps provide

at-risk Filipino students attending RESPSCI High School, Philippines, with access to education,

keeps them off the streets and

in school, bringing them one step closer to graduating

and achieving their dreams.

Our First Bicycle Donation

We were able to donate a bicycle to Junrey! Having a bicycle is so important. Junrey can use his bike as his main transportation to school and to help his father sell fruits and vegetables in the marketplace.


Listen to what one of our youngest donors has to say about “giving” instead of receiving a birthday gift.

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