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Beyond Measure

Inspiring Purpose and Passion. Cultivating Great Minds.

Beyond measure.

Igniting global change through Creative Arts, Cultural Competency Programs, and Professional Development. Empowering teachers and youth, cultivating extraordinary minds.

Our Programs

  1. Creative Arts Enrichment Programs: Mentoring children and youth in Creative Arts and Cultural Competency programs for holistic growth and well-being.

  2. High School Philanthropic Internship Program: a high school internship program promoting global citizenship and social engagement offering skill development in areas like communication and leadership, with roles in grant writing and social media.

  3. Transformational Coaching & PD's: Supporting educators and leaders with coaching, professional development, and teacher training to enhance pedagogical practices and student outcomes.

  4. Access to Education Program: The program provides bikes, helmets, and training for safe school commutes in San Miguel, Philippines, helping students overcome barriers to education. The curriculum focuses on bike safety, maintenance, and road awareness, empowering students for confident daily travel.

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For students

​Inspiring, empowering and cultivating in children and youth: cultural competency, resilience, leadership, critical-thinking, social and emotional skills to prepare them for life.

For Educators

We ignite teachers' potential, revolutionizing schools for brighter futures.


our Impact

Students and their families have access to clean water

Thanks to the Water 4 Life initiative - a water tank construction in the Philippines, students and their families now have access to clean drinking water when they travel from remote/far distances. This is the first time in 50 years history of the school that there is accessible water. It will also greatly reduce student absenteeism, and health issues that have been experienced for these past 50 years.



Dollars raised to date

Thanks to our generous sponsors. Learn more.


Volunteer hours per year

At MBM, we cherish our vibrant volunteer community! Our amazing volunteers pour their hearts into advancing our vision, tirelessly working day and night to make it a reality.

R4L pic3.jpeg


Rhythm for Life

For the past 3 years, MBM has partnered with Good Shepherd, to serve the local community that supports at-risk children and youth.


Bikes provided to students

Thanks to the Bike Empowerment Education Program in the Philippines, we've teamed up with local bike stores to help students in need get to school more efficiently by providing them with bicycles.


Support Our Mission to Promote Educational Equity

our Purpose



Minds Beyond Measure's (MBM) mission is to partner with schools and organizations around the world, to promote access to educational equity, and to inspire and empower teachers and young people, through Creative Arts and Cultural Competency Programs, Transformational Coaching and Professional Development, all while cultivating great Minds Beyond Measure. ​

About the Founder

My name is Jaime Perris

Bringing 25 years of experience in the education sector and having lived and taught in 8 different countries, my journey led to the creation of MBM in 2019. Our aim is to enhance education and provide invaluable support to students and teachers facing challenges along the way.

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